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AD-SCREEN - Creating Videos for Advertising & Hosting Them

With Ad-Screen, you can achieve a breakthrough in marketing – reaching new customers with TV Style Advertising in places where they are captive, more attentive and engaged, and from only £39.38 per month which includes a FREE web page!  with everything you need…

How? with inexpensive advertising, from which we give 26.5% of the revenue to your local hosts giving them up to £27,000 per year, and we are also creating new jobs because we are always looking for sales associates. Every business needs to make a profit and advertising is crucial to this because we all sell, and we all buy. TRY something NEW in 2024 because it’s time to change

This country has lost the spirit it used to have of supporting each other and these are OUR local communities, so let’s get this spirit back. Join Us, together we can do this! a truly supportive partnership. With all of us being involved, We All help each other, and We can All make a difference for everyone and create something special in our local communities where everyone wins

Below are some example videos which are provided to give you an idea of how impacting they can be. All actual videos are created in consultation with the advertiser

High Impact

Advertise your business on Ad-Screen TV, the new in-house visual display service that reaches customers in locations such as doctors’ surgeries, hospitals, dentists, vets, hair salons, nail bars, gyms and social gatherings. Ad-Screen will create captivating ads with high – impact graphics and engaging content that showcase your products, events, pricing and more

Captive Audience

Ad-Screen helps you reach your target audience and boost your brand awareness by capturing their interest whilst they are waiting around. Our videos have sound, but the host can adjust the volume level at their own discretion

Scalable & Flexible

Ad-Screen TV ads can run from 15 seconds or longer, depending on your needs and budget. With our flexible Ad-Screen subscriptions, you can show your video ads on as many hosts as you like and reach the audiences you want

If you qualify as a host, you can even earn money while promoting your own business! (We don’t supply display screens)

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Printing flyers or advertising in a free magazine seems wasteful, as they often end up in the dustbin unread (Hopefully, they get recycled!). A more effective method NOW exists…

Ad-Screen are proud to announce that we have been appointed as a provider for:

Grow London Local

A Personal Message from the Director - Vicky

I work for the NHS, and I met up with someone who had been a business owner for many years. We had many conversations about how both of us wanted to do something different to help, and after a considerable amount of time creating this idea, we launched it and I’m pleased to say it’s going from strength to strength. I still work for the NHS and we have developed a team around this business creating new jobs for out of work people

OUR GOAL… is to provide extra revenue to our video hosts such as surgeries, hospitals, dentists, plus vets, gyms, hair salons etc. all who have a captive audience, and we will deliver better results for advertisers for less money than any other advertising media used by businesses

HOW?… Because other agencies are only in it to make a profit, and we are happy to share 26.5% of the advert revenue with our video hosts and 17.5% with our sales associates

PLUS… We are providing our advertisers with added value, a web page that has everything you need in our directory for Free and the video is yours to use as you wish


Are you interested in becoming a video host?

Do you want to earn extra income? Do you want to help your local businesses grow and make a difference? Do you want to offer something new to the people in your waiting area?

You will be supporting your local businesses and receiving a 26.5% share of the revenue from their subscription fee. They will also be supporting you and your local community. Are you interested in learning more?