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Powerful Video Promo Adverts Created by AD SCREEN

Advertisers Do you want to reach more customers and increase your sales? Do you want to support your local community and make a positive impact? Do you want to SAVE money and reduce waste?
Advertisers Do you want to reach more customers and increase your sales? Do you want to support your local community and make a positive impact? Do you want to SAVE money and reduce waste?
If you answer YES to any of these questions, then let us Introduce our digital business Ad-Screen, a revolutionary advertising solution that leverages the power of digital technology to transform waiting and social areas into dynamic advertising platforms showing TV style adverts. Ok, right now  you are thinking this will be expensive right? well head straight down to the pricing structure to be very surprised, then come back and start reading
What if… Your business advert could be more than a static paper ad in a booklet that might end up in the trash? What if it could be a captivating video ad that reaches viewers in places where they are either waiting, exercising or relaxing? Imagine reaching thousands of potential customers every day with captivating video ads that showcase your amazing products and services
That’s what we do for you! We are a service that connects local businesses with public places that have high traffic and a captive audience. We create and display engaging video adverts that highlight your unique selling points and attract more customers to your business. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your brand awareness and boost your sales with our service
With our video adverts… You can reach hundreds of potential customers every day and choose where they are displayed. You will also be supporting your local public places. ALL hosts get 26.5% of your subscription fee and in return they promote you. Contact us today and let us help you reach your target audience with video ads that work!

Imagine this: you have a business that is suitable for becoming an Ad-Screen Host. You pay for 25 adverts on other hosts’ display screens, but you also receive 26.5% for hosting ads on your own screen. This means that you not only cover the cost of your advertising, but you also make a profit from it. You get paid to advertise your own business. How incredible is that!

We offer… A service that is low-cost, efficient, and environmentally friendly. You just need to pay a single fee for each video creation and a monthly fee for displaying your ad, either month by month or 6 months at a discounted rate. If you are suitable to host ads, you can earn up to £1,200 per month after covering your own advertising costs
Your video… Can also be used to enhance your website and social media presence, and we can assist you with that if needed. You will reduce costs and avoid littering by eliminating the need for paper booklets or flyers that most people discard. You will also join a network of local businesses that are committed to their community and the environment
But wait…There’s more! When you advertise with us, we’ll also list your business in our web directory so potential customers can:
  • Watch Your Video
  • See Your Images
  • Read About You
  • Find & Contact You
  • Leave a Review
  • Links to Your Social Media
  • And More

Our web page directory is exclusive to our active advertisers and offers more details than other directories. Customers can access it from a QR code displayed on the video

SO… if you don’t have your own website, we will make your page in our directory, your actual physical web page that you can use to promote your own business, totally for FREE

Below are EXAMPLES of varying Ad-Screen Video Adverts. We can’t guarantee that hosts will have the volume turned on or be loud enough to hear so visuals are important


Choose a Standard month by month or a 6-month subscription with 10% discount. Pay a one-time video creation fee and get your video advert shown on one of the selected hosting sites and have your FREE web page included

You can opt to show your ad on more host sites or multiple times on the same site. You only pay the one-time video creation fee (unless you want a different video) and get a 12.5% discount per each video ad displayed

The host will play your video advert once every 30 or 60 minutes on a loop during their business hours. To increase the frequency of your advert display, choose two or four video adverts that are 15 seconds long

Standard Month by Month Subscription per Video and Creation Costs:

All Costs are Plus VAT where applicable. On signing the agreement, a recuring Direct Debit Mandate will be set up with GoCardless a 3rd party company. 50% of the video creation fee will be taken before commencement and the balance after completion. All monthly payments will be collected on or soon after the date the video is first displayed in the host site, and each month on-going until terminated

Ad-Screen Ltd Costs1

10% Discounted 6 Month Subscription Costs per Video:

Ad-Screen Ltd Costs2

12.5% Discounted Multi-Site or Multi Video Subscription Costs per Video:

Ad-Screen Ltd Costs3

Don’t Miss Out on this exciting new opportunity to grow your business whilst helping your community and making a difference. Contact us today and join our digital Ad-screen network by clicking on the CHAT icon on the right and Stop Throwing Your Money in the Dustbin!!