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We Urgently Need Active Video Advertising Hosts Now

Ad-Screen Ltd How would you like to earn up to £27,000 per year with no additional cost? How would you like to help your local businesses grow and make a difference? How would you like to offer something new to the people in your waiting area?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then let us Introduce our digital Ad-Screen, a revolutionary advertising solution that leverages the power of digital technology to transform your waiting area current display screens into dynamic advertising platforms showing TV style adverts

We are offering…
a service that connects local businesses with public places that have high traffic and a captive audience. We create and display engaging video adverts that showcase their products and services on your screens from a memory stick
You will be supporting…
your local businesses and receive a 26.5% share of the revenue from their subscription fee, and they in turn will be supporting you, their local community services

The video adverts play in a loop from a memory stick that you plug into your screen. They repeat every 30 or 60 minutes from the time you open until the time you close. If you want, we can create or show your own advert(s), this may lower the total revenue because there will be less space for other ads. If you are interested in this option, please let us know and we will talk to you about it

All our adverts feature captivating video graphics and effects, as well as engaging text that draws the viewer’s attention. We recommend keeping the volume low but audible, so that the music and voice over can enhance the message however, we understand this is not always possible

To display their video adverts on a selected host site, advertisers can subscribe for month by month at the standard rate or 6 months at a discounted rate. They can also opt for multiple displays of the same advert on the same or a different hosting site, this will give them a 12.5% discount for each video advert 


A host can earn up to £27,000 per year by showing looping video adverts on their screens in waiting areas. This amount may vary depending on advertisers discounts applied or the total length of the looping video. You can also save money by cancelling subscriptions for things you are currently displaying. You will receive payments on a monthly basis

This can apply to anywhere that has a captive audience and their own screen(s) to display the adverts on, for example hair salons, nail bars and gyms. We do not supply the screens

You can review advertisers costs and various video styles on the Home and Advertisers Pages

Don’t Miss Out on this exciting new opportunity to promote local businesses whilst increasing your own revenue. Contact us today and get started with our digital Ad-screen network by clicking on the CHAT icon on the right, or by contacting your Account Manager directly