Ad-Screen Promo Videos with Hosting

Ad-Screen Promo Videos with Hosting

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Ad-Screen Promo Videos with Hosting

Ad-Screen Promo Videos with Hosting are provided as bespoke TV Style Adverts from 15 seconds upwards and then hosted in places where there are captive audiences such as Doctor's, Hospitals, Dentists, Gyms, Hair Salons etc. The host gets paid 26.5% of the revenue (typically £27,000 per year) for showing the 60-minute looping video with many adverts, on a screen in relative areas.

This is well received and helping the local NHS and others, and they in turn, are promoting their local businesses. The advertising business also gets a free web page with their full details, the video we created and images, this is included in our web directory (many small businesses don't have a website). We are extremely competitive on price and incredibly open about our goal.

This new business idea is being very well received by all involved, because our aim is to unite the local community with a partnership that benefits all.

We always require account managers on a self-employed basis working around your own times, who are good communicators and can visit and talk to local businesses presenting an opportunity that benefits both businesses and the local community in a way not done before. The only skills required are friendly personality, presentable and can communicate. We are more than happy for people with disabilities to undertake this role.

We are also helping to provide work opportunities with a good income for self-starters, so everybody wins because our main goal is to help everyone, we are not in this just for our own profit.

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Ad-Screen Promo Videos with Hosting 3 reviews

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3 reviews
  • Andrea's Boutique

    Increased our brand awareness and sales, perfect solution. Thanks team.

  • Dave Preston

    Simply the best choice I ever made!

  • Dean Lomax

    I love the way we are also supporting our local NHS with this advertising, not only are we so proud to do so, but it really does improve sales. I can’t recommend highly enough.

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